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In the modern world, Android users consider themselves non-transferable from the platform they use as they are quite addicted to it because of the customized options and freely available apps. Hence, switching off between the two platforms seems far from any possibility. Users find android devices rather more feasible to their needs in the limited budget as compared to iOS devices as it runs limited features with more cost. In most cases, you would find an android device delivering more than what iOS offers. But the same extra features make the android devices vulnerable to data and privacy leaks.

Download Folder Lock Apk

Download Folder Lock Apk

Android users, however, stay loyal to their platform most of the times. But what they are missing here is that the data they store in their device isn’t safe at all. For example, photos, videos, audios, docs, etc. are part of every device as it’s the basic running package for any individual. Smart users get their hands on something they could trust upon as they are usually in possession of confidential data. But the less informed users get stuck in the middle as they aren’t aware of what’s in the market and where should they invest. Fear not as we have made a review of an app that fits just right in this regard.

Folder Lock for Android

Folder lock is one of the oldest and finest apps for Android users to secure gallery and password vault to lock, hide and protect files on Android smartphones. Here are some of the features of this app that help users to keep their devices as well as data safe.


Folder lock Features:

  • Protect private photos:

Whether private or not, you can protect all types of photos quickly and efficiently.

  • Hide videos:

Keep up the security of your videos by maintaining reliable security through this app.

  • Lock important documents:

Whether office docs or school assignments you can keep them protected using folder lock.

  • Import data:

We won’t be wrong to say that folder lock acts as a digital safe for your android phone. It makes really easy Importing photos or videos from the gallery or from your PC/MAC or simply download them directly from the browser.

  • Protect banking details:

Furthermore, saving passwords, e-banking, credentials, web accounts and credit card information using folder lock.

  • Hack attempt monitoring:

Whenever someone tries to access your account without your consent and fails to do so (failed login attempts), you would automatically save images of the person doing such activity. Your device using the front camera of your phone would take snaps of that person letting you know who exactly you should not trust.

  • Multiple login options:

Keep up the protection using any of the three options to protect such as setting a password, a PIN or a pattern.

  • Panic switch:

If you are accessing your private data and suddenly someone you do not trust comes around, try the flicking, shaking or placing the palm of your hand on the screen to switch to another app.

  • Decoy mode:

When in presence of someone you do not trust, and that you have no other option but to access your app, try using the decoy mode in order to not lose their trust and not letting them get a peek of your private stuff.

Folder lock official developer site for all platforms (PC/Android/iOS/Windows Phone):

Folder lock Android App available on Playstore:

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So far, Folder lock worked perfectly as a secure gallery and password vault as per our expectations but took a bit extra time in importing photos from the browser. That, however, can be overlooked if privacy is your main concern. Folder lock app comes up with lots of features with multiple options that make it more users friendly and worth keeping in your Smartphone.

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