SNES emulator for Windows, 2019

The landscape of video games have been changing since the day the first video game was introduced, newer technology, devices, and gaming styles have completely changed the gaming industry. The changes have gone so far that today it is so difficult to procure those nostalgic legendary games and play them unless and until you could grab a suitable Super Nintendo or an emulator. A SNES emulator if installed on Windows OS PC could help the user play Super Nintendo games without any need of a special Super Nintendo device.

Not all emulators will be designed to support all the Super Nintendo games, however, we have tested some of the emulators and shortlisted the best emulators that can run any Super Nintendo games without any issues. Here is the 5 best SNES emulators that you can download and use today.

  1. RetroArch

RetroArch is perhaps one of the most efficient SNES emulator available today, this emulator comes with several exciting features that allow the user to play any Super Nintendo games, real-time rewind the game, save the game whenever you want, and play any game online with any friends using the Netplay feature. The emulator is comparatively complicated when it comes to setting it up and installing it. Nevertheless, for the features and smoothness, it offers to the user, the complication of installation could be neglected.

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  1. SNES9X –

SNES9X is one of the top competent for RetroArch, there is a strong history behind the designing of this SNES emulator for Windows. If you check the history, the SNES96 and SNES97 were the first two successful SNES emulators each developed by two different developers. However, SNES9X is a result of the combined work of these two developers in the year 1997. However, when compared to all the new emulators, most people might feel this emulator as outdated, but for the low system requirement and the forks, it offers, SNES9X cannot be neglected from this list.

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  1. ZSNES –

If you are looking for a high precision emulator then ZSNES will not satisfy you, however, if you are not concerned about accuracy but need SNES ROM hacks, online multiplayer options, and quick loading. Then ZSNES is the best you can get today. Unlike most of the SNES emulators for Windows, the ZSNES comes lightweight and requires the least system requirements.

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  1. HIGAN –

Higan is one of the best high-end SNES emulators available today, this emulator comes from byuu and the current version available today is designed to run on 12 different systems. Unlike most of the emulators listed above, the Higan comes with excellent accuracy and high quality. If you are looking for the best and latest SNES emulator then, Higan is what you are looking for.

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  1. NO$SNS –

 This emulator has poor accuracy, but the emulator offers features that are found in no other emulators on the market today. The Exertainment Bike, Barcode Battler, Pachinko dial, X-band, NTT data Pad are few of the features that are compatible with this emulator.

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Conclusion –

One of the notable features about SNES emulator is that the user does not require a vintage Super Nintendo device to play the games. The emulators listed above will enable the user to play any games on Windows PC without any trouble.

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